How many times have we all heard “There is more to life than work.”  I am guessing it is almost as many times as we have done, or heard, the numbers about how much time we spend working, sleeping and with family.  For most, the scales always are heavier on the work side of things.  I know work is where I spend most of my time, and with four teenagers in our house, sleep is the least and in the highest demand for my wife and myself.  So when it comes to the work we do during all of this time, the advise I give to everyone is:


At Solution Tree I am taking a long hard look at the culture of the company. A little reflection, a little soul searching, thinking of myself as the customer, asking the staff what they think, and looking at some of the options we have to make it better for all involved.

Don’t have all the answers yet, and most likely never will, but I certainly understand my company better now then I have in many years.  I’ve gotten a bit removed with all the  work travel of opening new markets and seeking business opportunities.  I’m tired and need to reconnect!

And to be honest, the issue of workplace happiness has always been on my heart, and all of us work hard to have some fun and make this a great place.  I’ll post some of the changes as they become part of our culture, but one of the things we do here was just introduced at last December’s Staff ReTREEt.  ‘D.O.S.’

We have always been charitable at Solution Tree and we are sensitive to the charities our staff support financially and with their time. These organizations are near and dear to their hearts.  So we began providing a Day Of Service (D.O.S.) to every Staff member. This does not count against vacation, personal or sick days, and all we ask is that you schedule it and then go spend a D.O.S. working for a cause you believe is important.

We have already had some AWESOME D.O.S. stories, and at the end of this year I will post about many, if not all, of the great things our Staff has done to help others.  But until then I think each of us needs to think about how we can serve others, and other organizations.  Why wait til Christmas and the end of the year?

Solution Tree is built upon our Mission Statement of ‘advancing the work of our authors’, and that is what we do, but how about advancing the work of your favorite charity.  It’s a good thing to do.