Practice What We Teach

We spend a lot of time preparing for the coming year and planning our future.  And following this year’s process that was more detailed and thought through than any of the previous 17 years, I realized just how blessed I am to work with an outstanding team of leaders.  Individuals who are all working in collaborative teams, focused on a common goal.  Sound familiar?  If you know Solution Tree and PLCs it should.


Lots of what we do is based on the tenants of PLCs, because PLCs are not just for schools.  They work in businesses, non-profits, social organizations, and in life itself.  I certainly have reflected on the aspects of PLCs many times as a husband and a parent.

So this past Fall I reflected on what our authors, associates and staff do to help schools implement PLC to a high level of success.  Following a review of the Three Big Ideas, I spent a lot of time thinking about the four corollary question of PLC.

  1. What do we want kids to learn?
  2. How will we know if they are learning it?
  3. What will we do if they don’t?
  4. What will we do if they do?

Then I rephrase that question just a little and ask each of our Department Leaders:

  1. What are the outcomes you desire?
  2. How will we know if you are on track?
  3. What will we do if it seem you will fall short?
  4. What will we do when you achieve and exceed?

Now put them into any department’s goals and you have a framework for building a solid business plan.

Most companies are good at questions 1 & 2, but to be a high performing company, one that reaches and exceed expectations, we must focus on question 3, and celebrate when question 4 becomes a reality!

We spend a lot of our professional lives at Solution Tree helping to implement PLCs into schools.  Why not practice what we teach?

It is going to be a GREAT 2015!



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