Sent to me by my good friend Garry Carter:

Nearly 400 years ago a group of entrepreneurs (we call them Pilgrims) celebrated the first Thanksgiving.  Although they actually had thanksgiving feasts many times, the first one in the fall of 1621 is the one we remember.

What is often forgotten is that the group of 50 Pilgrims who celebrated Thanksgiving had started a year earlier as a group of 100.  Further, just 4 of the original 18 adult women survived the 1st year (many had lost wives and moms).  God provided an English speaking Indian (remember Squanto?) who taught them how to grow corn and to fish; otherwise their situation would have been far more dire.  (Squanto had previously been a slave in England – go figure)   But in the midst of their struggle, the Pilgrims held a 3-day feast of thanksgiving for what God had provided to them.

I am certain that not many of the Pilgrims at that 1st Thanksgiving felt that the year was a great success…but they rejoiced.  And none of them realized the amazing start that they had given to one of the greatest and most remarkable countries in all of history.

All of us have pressures and concerns, but recalling the Pilgrims reminded to me to be very seriously thankful for the Lord’s abundant provision.

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