Okay, a shamless way to end my blogging lapse.

So…I have been sooooo bad about blogging lately.  Lots of really bad reasons I won’t share or make up, so let’s begin again.

Too often I think, “Why in the world would anybody care about what I feel like pontificating about?”  Heck my own wife doesn’t read this blog. And as for my kids (16, 15, 13, 12), I am happy they still like me.  Though I am entering into a flash mob phase of ‘my parents are dorks’, so why set myself up for them telling me I have business all wrong.  Any ways…I do have about a dozen topics I am going to write about over next few weeks.  Then tonight, while sitting our rental in Culver, IN, after watching our 15 year old play lacrosse for his Boarding School (lots to share there…oy vey) I received this email from one of our Associate/Authors, Tom Hierck.  Really nice guy who is writing a book for Solution Tree with one of my favorite human beings, Ken Williams.  Ken and I share a thing for good watches and classic Lincolns.  I’ll write about my ’65 convertible some day soon.  Their book is going to be great, but I promise not to kick into sales mode here.

“Why” is a big deal to me. But you knew that.  Here is another indicator as to why Why is a big deal in schools, and really in all that we are or want to be.  Thanks Tom and Ken.


Tom Hierck                      Ken Williams