Quote on Giving

SABATICAL OVER.  I have been flat out busy for the past few weeks, but that is a crappy excuse…but the only one I have.  Here’s to improvement!

I spent 15+ years at three different Universities fund-raising and building Alumni Relations.  It was a great career where I met a countless number of very generous givers of time and financial support.  Really built a level of understanding of why people donate and how to bridge needs and giving.  Something that has really helped me in understanding author relations.

Well a few weeks ago I attended the Annual Habitat for Humanity breakfast in Bloomington.  The staff does a phenomenal job and has been identified as a Chapter of Distinction.  A very rare designation. At the breakfast a friend of mine, Tony Moravac, was one of the speakers talking about why he gives to Habitat, and he made a comment for which I can not find an original author, so I will give him the full credit.

It’s not what we have or what we do, but what we do with what we have. — Tony Moravac

At Solution Tree we try to care for our employees, be good corporate citizens and do right for our community.  One very proud attribute that DG and I started day one at Solution Tree is that we give 10% of our Net Profits to charity.  We are not after plaques, awards or accolades, but we are after the right home for our contributions.  Sure we give to the local athletic programs and youth sports, but those are mostly to support our staff’s children’s activities.  Our focus is on Faith Based, Educational, and At-Risk Youth Organizations.  The list has become pretty long and hopefully the gifts help to make the difference we hoped they would.  But the issue is not that we as a company or as individuals give money, or time, or of our reputation, or our any other asset we have, it is that we give.

So many organizations need your support, and support comes in many ways.

So as you count your blessings, see how maybe yours can become someone else’s.